About Cleaning Directories

Cleaning Directories is your one stop site for information about and for the cleaning industry. This site privides a non-commercial place for cleaning industry professionals to look for information relating to the cleaning industry or to post their own site.

We have divided cleaning directories into catagories that we feel are most helpful. These catagories are broken down into two sections. The first one is Services and is split into subcatagories like Cleaning Businesses, Associations, Government Agencies, Training Resources and Consultants. The second catagory is Products and is also split into subcatagories like Equipment, Chemicals, Misc. Supplies, Suppliers/Distributors and Publications. If you think of a catagory that we are missing, or are looking for specific information on a certain subject that we don't have listed, please email our webmaster, and we would be happy to research that subject and post a new catagory.

If you have a site that you would like to link to us, please click the "Free Listing" button and follow the steps show on that page. If there is not a catagory that you think your link will fit under, let us know, and we can create a new catagory for you.

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