Welcome to the World of Cleaning

Cleaning Directories is a cleaning directory with a wealth of information about the cleaning industry and products associated with the cleaning industry. In order to help you access this information we offer a variety of ways to search our database. Please take a look at the options below and read the instructions to ensure that you actually get the search results you are looking for.

Cleaning Businesses

List of cleaning business sites and sites with franchise opportunities.


List of trade associations and groups related to the cleaning industry.


Websites for specific products and cleaning equipment manufacturers.


Cleaning chemicals and manufacturers of cleaning chemicals.


Government services related to the cleaning industry including safety, health and regulations.

Training Resources

Includes seminars, classes, books, videos and training programs relating to the cleaning industry.


Professionals in the cleaning industry who are available to assist you.


Chats, discussion boards and forums relating to the cleaning industry.


Sources for all your cleaning and maintenance related supplies


Trade magazines, email news letters, books and training manuals for the cleaning industry.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Supplies used by the cleaning industry but not necessarily made for the cleaning industry.


Certified inspectors, resources, information you may want to know about Certified Inspection Services.


Anything that does not fit into the catagories above.

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